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So You REALLY Want To Stop Smoking For Good.


My name is David Owen and I am here to help you to free yourself from a habit which you have probably been wanting to get rid of for some time. In fact I am determined to help as many people as possible in whatever way to kick the habit. Not that I have any personal vendetta against smoking - I once smoked myself and I understand what it is like. In fact I am one of the most accepting and understanding people around those people who are still smoking.

However I have a passion for doing the very best I can to stop people smoking when they really want to. To that end, I have spent considerable time and effort during more than 20 years in practice to research and fine tune the very best ways to reliably help people like you to Stop smoking For Good.

In the process, I have got to the point where I can now help you to stop smoking, virtually whatever your situation. In fact, however you might put it: Quit smoking, Give up cigarettes, Kick the habit, or simply Stop smoking For Good, there are now new remarkably easy ways for you to stop smoking quickly, happily and comfortably, and without any grumpiness or withdrawal symptoms or putting on extra weight.

Will You Miss Smoking?

Once all the vital issues are dealt with, No!

First of all, you may be surprised to learn that your body never needed nicotine. It is actually a poison that interferes with your nervous system, and your body absolutely hates it. In fact the medical profession know this, but have never adequately shown why nicotine is supposed to be addictive. On the other hand, it is quite easy to demonstrate that the so called addictive effects of nicotine are actually psychological. Once your mind knows that you have stopped smoking and that your body is safe from the threat of nicotine poisoning, cravings simply disappear.

Secondly, smoking gave us an emotional boost: It gave us confidence, it was our little friend, our comforter, our little treat. However, if you decide that you would like to work with me to stop smoking, I will transfer all the pleasure, satisfaction, confidence and comfort that you once got from smoking, so that you feel far better as a non smoker. Because of this, there is no emotional gap to be filled: no tendency for substituting for it through over eating or drinking and no intolerance either. Smoking simply disappears as an issue.

I also immunise you against any temptations from stress, boredom, sadness, others who are still smoking, and any other situation that may ever have tempted you. Then for the very rare momentary twinges, there are several very quick easy ways of getting rid of them.

See the quick 1 1/2 minute video below of Alex, who stopped smoking in September 2011. About three weeks later, he is not only free of any desire for smoking, but he is also fine around lots of friends who are still smoking.

You can find this and other videos on YouTube at

Tried Before or Heavy Smoker?

It doesn’t matter how much you have been smoking or how many times you have tried to stop before, it will still be just as easy for you. I am here to reassure you that you can stop smoking - however many times you have tried - Just so long as you really Want to stop and you are willing to do your part.

It is unlikely that you or anyone else will have used the same combinations of powerful techniques with you. Plus I will immunise you against the pitfalls that have so often undermined people and caught them unawares when they thought they had stopped smoking. You need to know that there are reliable ways to stop, that cut through all the problems, get you safely over the pitfalls and get rid of any lingering desires or lurking vulnerabilities forever.

In fact I PRIDE myself on being able to help those people who have run out of hope, those who have tried Everything, but Still desperately want to stop.

(Yes, I have helped people who have tried Everything: Including patches and other forms of so-called 'nicotine replacement therapy'; Including hypnosis, NLP or EFT; Even including other practitioners using the Phoenix System which I use (see below.) And remember, if necessary, I will stick with you like glue until you do stop!)

3 Years since smoking

Dear David

Hope this card finds you well and busy helping others give up smoking. I’ve still never had any cravings to want to smoke since your help 3 years ago. I’ve got my weight under control and just go from strength to strength.

Thank you so much my friend.
Rob M. Devon

(Rob had been smoking 40 cigarettes a day.)

Enough Willpower?

Now, just in case you are not sure that you have sufficient willpower. 

(And the 'Advertising Standards Authority' much as they are trying to protect the public, do not realise that they are undermining people's confidence by insisting in some adverts that 'willpower is required' in order to stop smoking)

It's like this: I happen to know from what you have had to go through at times in order to support your habit, that you already have INCREDIBLE willpower. You may not yet know just how easy real willpower is once your heart is really into something. It is my job to help you to discover the willpower you have already been using and to turn it around so that it now Protects you from the dangers of smoking and cigarettes, cigars or pipes or anything of that sort.

David Owen the Premier Practitioner in Plymouth
for you to Stop Smoking for Good!

Very few people realise just how easy it can be to stop smoking when you get the right kind of help. There are many ways to stop smoking and there are many practitioners who may seem cheap in comparison to myself. However, I know of no one else in this part of Devon or Cornwall who can offer all the advantages that I can as listed below.

So, whether you want to take advantage of the power of hypnosis, or even if you wish to stop smoking without it, I can help almost anyone- even the heaviest smokers who have tried many times to stop. Even if ordinary hypnosis or even a Phoenix System practitioner has let you down-
So long as you are truly committed to stop for good, I can still help you.

So what do I need to do?

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